Decorate Your Home in the Casual California Style

Updated: Oct 12

How about some broad plank boards, a lot of white, and some very nice textures to feel? Do you like rattan, natural materials like wood and leather, and slubby fabrics? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you may be more than a little infatuated with California casual decor.

What exactly does "California casual" mean?

When it comes to decorating with a California style decor, it's all about taking things easy and relaxing. This architectural style is perfect for you if you want the ambiance of your home to be one of friendliness and comfort.

The trademarks of the California casual decor include unpretentious furniture, the use of natural materials, and a focus on user friendliness. In informal settings, which are meant to seem like an extension of the outdoors, it is typical to find furniture and decorative items made of wood.

This design style makes frequent use of fabrics that are created from natural fibers because of the tactile richness that these fabrics provide. The majority of the time, the primary color that are employed are white, beige, and grey. Throw cushions and area rugs, for example, are wonderful for adding hints of color to a room because of their accent role. When it comes to accessories, a California style decor favors simplicity over excess. Simplifying things is essential to achieving an air of laid-back cool.

Below mentioned are some further cornerstones of laid‐back California style:

● Have a Color Scheme Inspired by Nature

The easygoing California style decor emphasizes fairness and openness. There is a preponderance of white and off-white on the walls, and similarly neutral color on the upholstered pieces of furniture. The California design philosophy of bringing the outside in means that you should draw inspiration for your color scheme from natural tones. Whiter woods are the best option while shopping for furniture.

Darker woods or wood stains may make furniture seem ponderous and out of place when used in a space with lighter walls and flooring. If you require an e design interior design service for Californian aesthetic then you can consider relying on Eleganza Rooms. Here you will get quality interior designing services that can easily work wonders for you.

● Use organic, all‐natural materials

It has been established that one of the primary goals of California casual decor is to create an atmosphere that seems like one is right at home in the great outdoors. As part of the laid-back California vibe, rooms are often decorated with natural elements to create a more pristine atmosphere. You can't go wrong with bare wood, woven rattan, or live-edge furniture. Sisal rugs, linen or wool blankets and cushions, or simply just exhibiting artifacts from nature are all great ways to add in natural materials as accents.

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● Utilization of crafts

The California casual minimalism style emphasizes unfussy, all-natural elements. To get this look, handmade items are ideal. Wood, stone, clay, and glass are just a few of the natural elements you should look for in a piece of furniture. These things ought to be as simple as possible, with no fancy embellishments or flashy color. To the contrary, you should prioritize simplicity in form and color.

● The Curves of the Mid‐Century

As Palm Springs, California, became a refuge for mid-century modern design, it is not surprising that features of that era are still present in contemporary California interior design. Ideally, you would want to choose furniture that has clean lines, a wooden frame, and tapering legs. Sculptural lounge chairs reminiscent of the mid-century modern era provide lovely decorative accents. There are few places in the house where a stylish bench wouldn't be put to good use. If you're afraid about your home being too dated, mix in some industrial-style elements with the mid-century furniture and decorations or you can take ideas from Eleganza Rooms that is known for providing the best e design interior design service.

Produce Cozy Stacks

Since the foundation of California casual is generally neutral, color, pattern, and texture are introduced via accessories. Woven accessories are a terrific way to add texture and comfort, especially since it may be cold at night in California. Besides serving to keep toes toasty, a stylish rug may also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room. The brilliant white hue of sheepskin rugs and fluffy blankets is a popular choice since it provides warmth without overwhelming the room.

Wrapping up

It is not necessary to be a native of California in order to appreciate the laid-back elegance that is characteristic of that state. The warm and approachable simplicity of the California casual look is likely what first drew people from all over the globe to the style. If you require a professional approach to give a Californian touch to your home. Connect with Eleganza Rooms, as it is an e design interior design platform that can help you achieve a distinctly Californian look and feel.