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Choose accessories that make the most of your room's color palette and style.  Bring that elegant touch to the space and give your home personality and character.

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When decorating your console table avoid a cluttered look. A Clean, minimal and modern arrangement is the way to go. Create a focal
point and group items with different heights using similar textures and colors to get a charming cohesive scene.  

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Choose your decorative pieces carefully, quality over quantity. When choosing a theme, try to create a harmonious feel connecting items through color, material, shape, or scale. 

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When you style your end table choose objects that are different heights; this creates a visual triangle so our eyes naturally have different places to look. Use contrasting colors, be creative, and most importantly display items that are an accumulation of your taste, interests, and style.


Have you been dreaming of the perfect classic living room? Whether you're creating a formal modern living room or looking for more casual, laid-back furniture for your family room, you can easily bring it to life with Modern living room furniture.


So why do we love formal modern living room furniture style? The best thing about modern furniture is that it’s durable. When you invest in furniture, you need to know that it can last you a lifetime. Modern furniture keeps form and function in mind and is made out of no-nonsense material. Another thing we love about modern furniture is that there isn’t a fixed style to this furniture, as trends change, it stays timeless. In our trade only collection, you can be sure to find the finest modern living room furniture to create a fashionable, warm and welcoming feel to your home.


Whether you want to find a luxurious sofa for classic living room, or a fashionable accent chair, you can browse our collection for top quality and durability. We have a wide range of sofas, sectionals, chairs, ottomans, coffee tables, and side tables. Each piece speaks for itself with the best quality, colors, materials and fabric. 


This design survey, which you'll complete at the start of any project, will assist your designer in understanding your unique style as well as the specifics of your project. We'll also acquire a sense of your financial situation, lifestyle, and existing difficulties so that your designer can create a design that is tailored to your personal requirements. All through the design phase, you may communicate with our best interior designer in Burbank directly to ask questions or suggest adjustments, as well as shop for your new appearance, all from the comfort of your own home or office.


Because formal modern living room can serve many purposes, you’ll want to be sure to incorporate a variety of different furniture pieces to cover all possible activities. When considering minimalist classic living room ideas, start with your space, what fits your space, and then carefully select the correct sizes for large items such as the sofa for classic living room, love seats, cabinets. Invest in the main qualities which are found in modern furniture such as simplicity, quality, exclusive style and sleek look.  


Prices at Eleganza Rooms shop the look are never above the internet minimum advertised price (set by the manufacturer). However, if you find a lower price from another online retailer, send us an email at info@eleganzarooms.com, and we will price match! When you shop with us for your quality furniture and décor needs, you are supporting our small business and the interior design industry, rather than a big-box retailer.  Thank you!


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